Ann-Margreth was born in Sweden and moved to Switzerland at age 6.  Her first sport was skiing.  Then she moved on to ballet.  After a few years of ballet, she discovered figure skating and transitioned naturally to the sport.

She started competing nationally at age 12 in her adopted country, reachlng international levels at age 16, when she became a triple gold medalist. Ann-Margreth returned to her native country of Sweden at age 18 and proceeded to win three national championships.  Soon after, she represented Sweden in three world championships and one Olympic Game.  She then turned professional and enjoyed skating as a principal for 16 years touring the world.


Anyone who knows Ann-Margreth is invigorated by her sense of adventure and love of life.  Born in Sweden, Ann Margreth and her family moved to Switzerland when she was 6. Having a dancer as a mother, she studied ballet early in her childhood which made her transition to figure skating easy and natural.  After professional training in London, Ann-Margreth moved back to Sweden when she was 18 to compete for her native country.  She went on to win 3 National Championships and represented Sweden in the Olympics in 1964 (same year as U.S. skater Peggy Flemming). Being recognized as a real performer, she was hired by the Ice Capades and continued to skate internationally for the next 16 years. Traveling 10 months out of the year in the U.S., Canada, Far East, and Africa, with over 5000 solo performances, she finally settled in Vail, Colorado and became the Director of the Skating School at Dobson Ice Arena.  Her mission was to coach the students in the beauty of skating and with stage presence and she specialized in teaching Choreography and Style. She then expanded her business of coaching internationally, conducting style and choreography seminars on ice, touching the lives of hundreds of skaters and their coaches. This motivated her to produce the "Magic of Style" DVD training series locally.  It now sells in 44 countries (  Ann-Margreth is a Master rated coach by the US Professional Skating Association.