carolyn kooiman

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Carolyn began her figure skating career at age 5, while living in Canada, and went on to a very successful amateur competitive career for many years.  ln addition to individual competitions, at the young age of 10 she became the youngest figure skating dancer to-date to compete at the National Novice Level in lce Dancing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  

Soon after, Carolyn was selected by the Canadian Figure Skating Association for Senior lnternational Competitions, which included events in St Gervais, France, Obertsdorf, Germany, The Hague, Netherlands and Skate Canada.

ln 1977 Carolyn was selected from Canadian Nationals in Calgary to compete and represent her country in Megeve, France, where she won Gold for the Junior World Championships. (GOOGLE “Carolyn Skoczen” for details.)

After a hiatus in her figure skating career, Carolyn was drawn back into the skating community in 2Ol2 at the Beaver Creek outdoor lce Rink where she has enjoyed working with visiting families teaching all levels of figure skating from around the world.

Just this past year Carolyn was recognized by Vail Resorts winning a “Star Employee” award for her efforts on the ice.

Carolyn is currently on staff for the Vail Recreation District and coaches for Skating Club Vail at the Dobson lce Arena in Vail, CO.  Carolyn has successfully passed all of her Gold level Dance, Figures and Free Skate requirements under the Canadian Figure Skating Association.

Call Carolyn at 303-669-7769 or email her at